Thursday, 26 June 2014

Catch a Glimpse of these Warlocks!

Topshop Two in One Bralet Tee

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Topshop £24

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The roots of this peculiar trend

So, this is becoming a "thing" girls. Layering your bralet over your top. It's been bubbling away as an upcoming trend, seen notably in Prada's SS14 collection, but now this is for real. So real, that Topshop are selling it as a two-in-one. The Man Repeller was already on the case in 2012, who knew it would actually become a wearable(ish) piece of fashion. It's really just a progression of the underwear as outwear trends. We've seen the bralet crop top on the scene for some time now, and predominantly through the last couple of years or so, women are embracing sheer fabrics with statement intimate pieces, worn to be shown, not hidden. I loved these trends, and still do love some sheer, but I feel we may have crossed a line into fashion insanity. 

Maybe it's a case of the right person to pull it off but I just can't see past how absurd it looks. I kinda feel the same about double placement prints, you know, the ones positioned right on your set. It's drawing attention, but not in a cleavage way, no just in a ,"Look! This is where my boobs are", manner, making all passers by who look at you feel incredibly awkward because they just inadvertently glanced at your rack. I kid you not, I seen a girl wearing nipple tassels on her t shirt and did not know where to look! Actually, cleavage is less offensive (I for one, am not offended by cleavage, just to put it out there. Girl power and all that shite).

Perhaps though, there is some benefits, erm like, staying warm but still being able to utilize your summer wardrobe, or, covering winter flab whilst still rocking your crop top. Looking cool, hip and on trend is probably the desired look for this combo , but it just looks a little more like a child playing dress up with her mamma's intimates. Hey, give it time though, as I could be eating my words and getting myself in this duo. In fact, I will do exactly that next week and put up a post of my outfit so you can share your thoughts. 

What do you think of this rather unique pairing? Rate it or hate it?


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Summer Lovin'

Chanel Le Vernis

Chanel nail polish

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So I caved. I did say I'd been eyeing up the makeup summer collections but told myself, nope, save your pennies, you have plenty, but I couldn't resist just one teeny little treat, and let's be fair, I only got one bloomin' thing (so far). I have all the freedom in the world to get whatever colour I want for nails, from any brand at all, and what do I go for...Chanel! 

It was really between this and "Eastern Light" (the white polish), but for the time being I went for "Sweet Lilac". It's a beautiful pastel lilac that ties in well with Spring/Summer trends, and when looking at the bottle it has a slight iridescence through it which was kinda what sold it to me as it was a little bit different to the usual lilac polishes around. When on the nail though this is really difficult to see, barely seeing it at all actually and particularly not in these photos. Despite that, I do really like it! The colour makes me look really tanned, it goes on so smoothly and has a lovely finish. I will get round to doing a post summing up my favourite summer collection items... hopefully before summer is over!

What do you guys think? Personally, I think I would get more wear from "Eastern Light" because it will go with everything. Gonna have to get it huh? Unless anyone knows a good alternative to it?

I've linked all my images to my Pinterest page and I've added buttons to also pin my images too! (just hover over them). Slowly starting to use Pinterest more, so it would be great if you could follow my boards and I can see/ follow yours too!


Monday, 16 June 2014

The "New" Basics

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cotton on trousers

Topshop Summer

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Crop tee - Topshop £10 (alt)
Sandals - ASOS £28
Sunglasses - Topshop £16 (alt)
Necklace - Topshop (old)

I resorted back to monochrome...again! I just love the simple styling of it and how comfy and effortless this outfit is. It's basic, but with a modern edge. The trousers (or pants should I say) are exactly what I've been needing! Something to cover up from the freezing air con, keep cool on the go and still be work appropriate. This loose harem style was hard for me to find in the perfect shape. I'm a short ass, so if they are too baggy I look seriously dumpy, so congrats to Cotton On for providing these gems at an absolute bargain price! I realise I wear these sandals a lot for blog posts, I do actually own other shoes but these are my babies right now... even if they are slightly filthy. I have to admit I am starting to cave to the idea of some Nike Free's of some kind, the Roshe's look a little to clunky for me (if that's even a word?!). Let's just see how the bills rack up after pay day! I've linked up all my photos with my blogs Facebook page and I would love if you could give them a click and come follow me on there :)

See below to shop my whole look. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!