Thursday, 19 June 2014

Summer Lovin'

Chanel Le Vernis

Chanel nail polish

Beauty Blogger

So I caved. I did say I'd been eyeing up the makeup summer collections but told myself, nope, save your pennies, you have plenty, but I couldn't resist just one teeny little treat, and let's be fair, I only got one bloomin' thing (so far). I have all the freedom in the world to get whatever colour I want for nails, from any brand at all, and what do I go for...Chanel! 

It was really between this and "Eastern Light" (the white polish), but for the time being I went for "Sweet Lilac". It's a beautiful pastel lilac that ties in well with Spring/Summer trends, and when looking at the bottle it has a slight iridescence through it which was kinda what sold it to me as it was a little bit different to the usual lilac polishes around. When on the nail though this is really difficult to see, barely seeing it at all actually and particularly not in these photos. Despite that, I do really like it! The colour makes me look really tanned, it goes on so smoothly and has a lovely finish. I will get round to doing a post summing up my favourite summer collection items... hopefully before summer is over!

What do you guys think? Personally, I think I would get more wear from "Eastern Light" because it will go with everything. Gonna have to get it huh? Unless anyone knows a good alternative to it?

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Monday, 16 June 2014

The "New" Basics

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cotton on trousers

Topshop Summer

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Crop tee - Topshop £10 (alt)
Sandals - ASOS £28
Sunglasses - Topshop £16 (alt)
Necklace - Topshop (old)

I resorted back to monochrome...again! I just love the simple styling of it and how comfy and effortless this outfit is. It's basic, but with a modern edge. The trousers (or pants should I say) are exactly what I've been needing! Something to cover up from the freezing air con, keep cool on the go and still be work appropriate. This loose harem style was hard for me to find in the perfect shape. I'm a short ass, so if they are too baggy I look seriously dumpy, so congrats to Cotton On for providing these gems at an absolute bargain price! I realise I wear these sandals a lot for blog posts, I do actually own other shoes but these are my babies right now... even if they are slightly filthy. I have to admit I am starting to cave to the idea of some Nike Free's of some kind, the Roshe's look a little to clunky for me (if that's even a word?!). Let's just see how the bills rack up after pay day! I've linked up all my photos with my blogs Facebook page and I would love if you could give them a click and come follow me on there :)

See below to shop my whole look. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Friday, 13 June 2014

Chanel Sublimage Le Fluide : Review


Chanel Sublimage

Sublimage Le Fluide by Chanel £185

I've been waiting to review this moisturiser, as I wanted to use it for a bit longer to really test it. It's been a couple months now and I've been in pretty different conditions to test this cream (or fluid I should say). So, those who know me, know that I use to work for Chanel, hence why I have such a bloomin' expensive cream, but what I really wanted to suss out was whether or not it is worth the price tag and if the benefits are noticeable. To repurchase or not is the question here for me. It's a pretty big investment so I'll be downright honest to help you make that decision if you are considering it.  

What it claims to do
Now I won't get all scientific on your ass so let's not delve into all the ingredients (which are deliciously luxurious by the way). The Le Fluide improves on all the signs of anti-ageing (wrinkles, firmness... you know the drill), it smoothes the surface and refines pores, boosts radiance, hydrates and my very favourite of them all, it controls shine and works to mattify the skin. This is done by the use of Zinc PRÉCISPHÈRES™, which work when the skin needs it. So basically, if you are feeling a lil' flushed, this should keep your skin sebum levels under control. The Le Fluide is the most lightweight cream in the Sublimage range, aiming to satisfy the needs of a combination to oily skin. Doesn't that sound delightful!

My Review: 
  • Such a gorgeous texture! It's lightweight, yet still velvety and is just a dream to apply.
  • Beautiful luxurious scent (vanilla-esque). Real classy with not too potent a fragrance. Just a light veil giving it that spa "treat yourself" feel.
  • Pump bottle. What a plus! No sticking your hand in jars, so much more hygienic. 
  • Absorbs quickly. A great plus if you have oily areas and don't want to feel "sticky".
  • Worn under makeup it makes the perfect primer/ moisturiser combo. Makeup stays in place with much less wear off than usual
  • Less shine than usual but wouldn't say it has a matte finish. There is very much still a radiance to my skin but if I'm honest I prefer that, I just don't want to look oily. One day I wore the cream alone without makeup, a very hot humid day, and I gotta say, my skin still got pretty shiny / oily. Remember guys that I am in HK at an insanely humid time of the year! In KL, where it was surprisingly less humid, my skin was just drinking it up so fast and I kinda felt that it needed a little more moisture, perhaps just a serum for a boost.
  • Guys, I'm only 23, so as for signs of ageing, I feel I can't provide an accurate review. I will say that my skin is certainly plump and radiant, but if this is your main concern and not so much the mattifying, then I would say go for the Sublimage La Creme in texture Fine. It's pricier, but I noticed much more of a difference in the appearance of my skin with it. Actually I'd say I definitely preferred it. 
Do I recommend it?
If you're Miss Money Bags and you have this nightmare skin type, then yes, by all means you should try this cream. You do notice a beautiful smooth radiance to the skin with a flawless makeup result and it is such a pleasure to use. If you're not quite Miss Money Bags then don't go splashing out, there will definitely be purse friendly alternatives. Even if you want to stick with the brand, try Hydra Beauty Gel Creme, at £50. I feel the price tag is largely associated with the anti-ageing benefits, so for older oily skins this could be the perfect cream for you. Young un's out there just do not need to spend this cash on a mattifying moisturiser. Look for something more age appropriate, the market is saturated with them! Overall, I love the Le Fluide, it's such a treat for my skin every morning... but if I'm spending big bucks then I'd rather it was on La Creme in Fine. Problem there is, I ain't spending big bucks, so, nope, I won't be purchasing again anytime soon (this saddens me). Time to find newbies! 

What's your favourite moisturiser / shine control?